• Skin Care Dos & Don’ts

Proper Use = Maximum Skin Care Results


  • Apply products in moderate amounts. Just enough to evenly cover the skin of the face and neck. Thicker applications do not yield better, faster results.

  • Apply your regimen morning and evening. This yields faster results than applying only once a day.

  • Apply Regentra on any area of the body where signs of sun damage appear -- such as hands, upper chest, arms, etc. Regentra may be applied lightly to the skin in the eye area, as tolerated.

  • Layer Regentra products for enhanced results. Regentra's unparalleled results are achieved by layering one bioactive product upon another bioactive product. (Only a certain amount of maximally bioactive ingredients can be formulated into any one product and remain stable and active.) Each additional product increases the activation of the skin and the potential for quicker, better results. Each client may layer the combination of Regentra products needed to produce the desired results.

  • Decrease to a less intense regimen if the skin becomes continuously dryer. When beginning a Regentra regimen, it may take several weeks for your skin to respond and appear moister, but if the skin becomes continuously dryer, decrease to a less intense Regentra regimen. Cutting out Step 3 until the skin becomes moister, then slowly adding it back in, to your skin's tolerance, is usually the best strategy. Maximum Regimen clients may choose to substitute Vitamin Peptide Serum in Step 3 if C-Retinol Complex proves to be too strong.

  • Begin with Steps 1, 2, and 4 on dehydrated or very sensitive skin. Dehydrated skin lacks water and has a "crepe" texture with many small fine lines that show up even more if you begin to compress about an inch of skin lightly between your fingers. This skin is more sensitive, and more easily irritated. Clients with dehydrated skin often benefit from using a regimen of Steps 1, 2, and 4 (Cleanser, Mist, and Moisturizer) for 1-3 weeks to allow the skin to heal and become moister before adding Step 3 - once a day, then going to twice a day, as skin tolerates. Very sensitive-skin clients often benefit from this gradual approach as well.

  • Use a regimen of Steps 1-3 along with Microdermabrasion Plus on oily skin. Most oily-skin clients may also use Lightening Cream, Afectra Collagen Cream, as well as SPF 15 Moisturizer/Sunscreen as needed.


  • Mix the use of Regentra products with other product lines. Regentra products are formulated to penetrate deep into the skin and are designed to work in synergy with each other for best results. It is not recommended to apply other product lines, especially under Regentra products. Other lines may block the penetration of bioactive ingredients, or may cause irritation when carried deep into the skin.

  • Activate too quickly. When layering Regentra products, keep in mind that activating your skin too quickly can cause the skin to become dry, flaky, and then red, irritated, or even broken out. Maintain a soft, moist feel and appearance to the skin while it is improving. Clients may feel an occastional slight stinging or warmth while getting acclimated to their regimen, and that is normal.

        If Regentra products prove to be too strong for your skin, and it becomes irritated, please discontinue use.

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